Jordan So far in the history of human basketball, the overall strength is the strongest and the greatest player.

  • Physical talent: Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Chamberlain, LeBron are the first gear.
  • Offensive technical level: One-to-one skills are comprehensive, pure, and incomprehensible. It is one of the strongest players in all positions in history. Among the front-back swingers, only Kobe can compare with it at the purely technical level.
  • Personal offensive ability: comprehensive offensive methods, scoring stability, explosive power, various difficult finishing abilities, the strongest player, no one.
  • Personal defense and assist defense: the best perimeter individual defender in history (only ScottiePippen can compare with him), one of the best assist defenders in history.
  • Organization and passing: the top players in the same position.
  • Style: swift and fierce and elegant, every move can be called a classic.
  • Spiritual will: desire to win, tenacity, will, one of the best in history.
  • Main personal honors:
    5 regular season MVPs
    6 Finals MVP
    3 All-Star MVPs
    10 scoring kings
    1 time best defensive player
    3 steals king
    10 annual bursts
    9 annual defensive teams
    2 times dunk king
    2 Olympic gold medals
    Career average of 30.123 points per game
  • Team honor:
    6 finals
    6 times championship
    2 times three consecutive championships

Keep the first record in history: countless, no need to go into details.
The greatness of Jordan is the greatness of all latitudes and the existence of the era that can be ignored. The combination of all the honors he has won in his career is the strongest in history. Its physical talent is the most high-end in history. His personal offense is the strongest in history. His personal defense is one of the strongest in history. His dominance is the strongest in history (do you really know how the opponent defended Jordan? How did Jordan crash the opponent?).
His greatness was born in the 1990s when basketball was well-developed, strong competitors and cruel rules, and not in the 1950s and 60s when the "data maniac" monopolized.
He raised the benchmark of "the greatest basketball player" to an unprecedented level.
That is: the greatest basketball player must not only have an incomprehensible offense, but also have the most terrifying defense. In addition to gaining enough and complete honors, he also has to be able to fly, run, and play as smart as art. , There must be invincible influence and commercial value. This is the benchmark.
Jordan is almost the perfect embodiment of basketball on the court.
He is the most talented, the most technical, the most offensive, the most defensive, the most capable of leadership, the most dominant, the most spiritual will, the most honorable, or "the best player to watch."
Jordan's greatness is the result of the right time and place. There was such a person in history, and he appeared when he should appear, um, it's that simple. If this description of Jordan can be called a blow, then no one else in NBA history has the need to discuss it.

Is Jordan the best perimeter defensive player in history?
The defensive rules of the 90s are very different from the defensive rules of today.
The rule in the 1990s was roughly: "the defensive player puts his hand on the offensive player's waist", "breaks to the inside and is forcibly pulled down without blowing malicious fouls", "muscle confrontation far exceeds the present", "no zone defense", "no body hair whistle" era. This defensive rule continued into 2003. By the way, the Lakers' three consecutive championships were created under this defensive rule, and the OK combination used the unique "personal fire combination" in history to forcefully win in this environment.

Who is better in technology between Jordan and Kobe?
There is no gap between the skills of Kobe and Jordan. All offensive methods are capable, and they are all sophisticated. Kobe's technical performance is better than Jordan, because Kobe needs more technical details to complete the offense, because he needs it, rather than deliberately show off his skills. Jordan doesn't need so many complicated technical moves. It's not that he can't do it, but he doesn't have to do it. For example, after the 30-year-old Kobe and Jordan's breakthrough, Kobe relied more on fake moves and rhythm, but Jordan still used a probing step to open the space and then speeded up the opponent single-handedly. This is a gap in physical conditions. Jordan's style of play is swift and elegant, with a great opening and closing. Kobe's style of play is gorgeous and agile, delicate and feminine. On the impact and destructive power to the basket, Jordan is the first outside player in history. In terms of the ability to force a jump shot in the long distance, no one in history can match Kobe.