First crown boots!

Appearance features:
"23" cut out of white leather from the right perspective, Cheap Air Jordan 6 masked human tongue, plastic heel handle, eye-catching bulge on the outside of the ankle

Historical background: In the 1990-91 season, Jordan wore an Cheap AJ6 Basketball Shoes to defeat the Detroit Pistons, the Detroit Pistons who had suppressed them for three consecutive years, and reached the Eastern Conference championship, and defeated the Lakers led by Magic Johnson with a brilliant record of 4-1. , Won the championship for the first time. During this period, he won the fifth scoring champion, Air Jordan 6 Retro the second MVP and the first FMVP. The Bull Dynasty officially begins!

Sneaker introduction: In terms of midsole configuration, the 6th generation is the same as the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generations. Cheap Jordan 6 The forefoot Air Sole + rear sole visible Air Sole design, but the air cushion volume of the rear sole Air is reduced. Air Jordan VI For the outsole, the texture has been changed to a concave point, and the density of the crystal bottom has increased.

Classic color matching:
Sakuragi Flower Road color matching