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23 Apr Do you know the story of Air Jordan 1 sneakers?The story About AJ1.
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Air Jordan is a Nike series named after Michael Jordan. Since 1985, 34 generations have been released. In 1984, Jordan was selected by the Bulls with the third overall pick. Subsequently, Nike signed ..
04 Mar The official picture of the little barb AJ1
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The shoe body is presented in black, white, and mocha brown stitching, and the color composition is simple and retro, exactly like the TS joint name. The black toe design is blessed, and it is more ad..
28 Apr Air Jordan 1 Mid “Hulk”  554724-300 Can you play basketball in This Shoes?
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Air Jordan 1 Mid men's sneakers inspired by AJ1, let fans of the first year shoes see the development of JORDAN brand since its establishment in 1985.This Air Jordan 1 Mid is looking as bulk as ever. ..
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